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Holiday Inspiration

Anyone looking for a weekend of adventure is welcome to participate in the Abseil for Charity event in May at Canary Wharf. In addition to providing sponsored thrill-seekers with the chance to get an adrenaline rush, proceeds will benefit the English Federation of Disability Sport. The EFDS remains one of the leading organisations available for disabled people who desire to become active in physical activities or sports throughout the country. Whether experienced in the sport of abseiling, o...

Holiday Inspiration

The Thames Bridges Bike Ride celebrated its 21st year this Sunday. The Thames Bridges Bike Ride is an exciting and highly anticipated annual event that raises funds for the Stroke Association. Thousands brought their bikes, encouraging and promoting the support of stroke survivors and their families.   The Routes Starting at the iconic Tower Bridge and working its way across to the wondrous Albert Bridge, the routes covered over a dozen bridges throughout London. Participants had thr...

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