5 European Festivals that are worth the Ticket

Sometimes you just need a chance to let it all go. Head bopping, hair flying loose, hips swinging, face gleaming. Everything a little grimy and sweat sheened, but for that moment, none of it matters. Your only concern the beat of the music and the flow of the limbs.


As the cold and snow sets into not only our back gardens but our bones this winter, it is worth being reminded of the warmer, happier times ahead. Luckily for us, Europe is home to some of the worlds very best festival playgrounds, where winters cobwebs can be danced away with all the glee of childhood. Set in some splendid surroundings and with some of the very best background beats, these are the top five European festivals that are worth every penny.


Fear not, revellers, summer awaits and with it these shimmering festival lands.


1 - Outlook, Croatia


Croatia is fast becoming the party capital of Europe - as the beloved Ibizan shores become ever more over-priced and over-saturated - and Outlook remains a proud feature of its festival collection. The bass festival has become somewhat renowned on the European circuit and deservingly so. Every year more and more freedom seekers flock to the golden Croatian sands to shed off their responsibilities and engage in a little hedonistic fun. Held inside the ruins of Pula’s Fort Punta Christo, with the opening party kicking off the madness in a 2000 year-old Roman amphitheatre, expect the best of bass music, raucous raves in an old moat and some pretty exceptional boat parties. Still uncertain? Campsites face on to the beach.

When: 6th September - 10th September


2 - Tomorrowland, Belgium


For more electronic vibes head to Tomorrowland in Boom of Belgium. An army of partiers thousands strong head to this land of magic and mischief every year, making Tomorrowland one of Europe's largest and most notable festivals. You won’t find one shortcut where stage design and decoration is concerned, with some pretty spectacular fireworks displays and lighting like that of dreams. There’s a reason tickets sell out in seconds and draw festival goers from almost every corner of the globe. Find out for yourself this summer.

When: 20th July - 29th July


3 - Glastonbury, UK


What would the world of festivals look like without the stalwark that is Glastonbury? Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine such a place. A small, self-sufficient city in its own right, Glastonbury offers as wide a variety in food, entertainment and shopping as it does in musical performances. Don’t expect to discover its multitude of secrets in one visit. (Or even 3.) Providing a creative haven for the biggest names in the industry to those still beginning to stretch their limbs, Glastonbury has a musical menu that can cater for all appetites. Pair that with interactive acts, innovative design and some purely wacky features (think nude spas, circus acts and comedy shows) and you have the epic event that is the UK’s Glastonbury festival.

When: 26 June - 30 June 2019


4 - Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria


One of Europe’s best kept secrets, Meadows in the Mountains, set in the mystical mountains of Bulgaria, is a festival unlike any other. For an extremely decent ticket price, find yourself above the clouds with other like-minded festival fairies for a week of magic. Forget muddy fields and gloomy skies, at Meadows every view is simply breathtaking. Dance the sun up with the whole of the festival at the sunrise stage, explore the ethereal woods and hidden tree houses, take part in yoga and healing workshops and visit the little Bulgarian village.

When: 7th June - 10th June


5 - Rototom Sunsplash, Spain


For a more laid-back, reggae-infused vibe, head to Rototom Sunsplash in Benicassim. The world’s biggest reggae festival, it draws an international crowd to bask in the Spanish sun every year. The festival fun spans a week and every moment is essential. Spend the days with beach picnics, sangria and volleyball, and dance the nights away to the vibration of dub or dancehall. As the perfect combination of holiday and festival, Rototom is a party-event that will leave you feeling refreshed rather than withered.

When: 16th August - 22nd August


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