Top 5 European Stag / Hen do places

This time out, The ACE-FX blog caters to the best men and chief bridesmaids whose duty it is to transition their soon-to-be-married friends into matrimonial bliss with a fantastic stag or hen do. As anyone who's ever arranged an international stag or hen do knows, it's both a wonderful experience and a difficult responsibility.

That's why we've decided to help them out a bit. To lighten the terrible load of best men and chief bridesmaids all over the UK, ACE-FX has compiled a list of 5 wonderful European spots for stag or hen do parties.

You'll have to plan ahead. You'll need to book flights, hotels, and any guided tours you plan to participate in. You'll also need to figure the financial end of things. And that's another place where ACE-FX can help. Stop in at one of our branches or visit us online to secure a prepaid travel money card or two. They're safe, convenient, and offer the best currency exchange rates in the industry. And perhaps most importantly during this fun-filled time, our travel cards protect you from foreign money transfer scams if you somehow get into trouble.

Madrid and Ibiza, Spain

We'll start with the ladies, or the hens as we reluctantly call them according to tradition. Although Madrid and Ibiza offer very different experiences, either one makes for a fantastic hen do. You might even find a handsome Spaniard or two who's willing to flirt back with you, but that's not the purpose of hen do, right?

The island of Ibiza is the embodiment of exotic fun. With its cosmopolitan feel and miles of white sand beaches, it offers the bride-to-be and her retinue endless possibilities for an (almost) trouble-free celebration. For day trips, there are lovely cobblestone lanes where you can people watch, shop, or take a leisurely stroll. And for nightlife, Ibiza is often called the clubbing capital of Europe, which means there's no shortage of dancing, spectacle, and whatever else the ladies might fancy.

Though much of its beautiful architecture is centuries old, Madrid has a more metropolitan feel than Ibiza. It also offers a glamorous nightlife, especially if you hire a guide to take you to some of the undergrounds spots in the city. And during the day, visit the cafes downtown or one of the many famous art museums.

In either place, the bride and her friends will have an absolutely wonderful time during their hen do.

Riga, Latvia

How about sending the bride off in high end Baltic style with a weekend in Riga? You certainly wouldn't be the first, as the Latvian has quietly become on of the tops spots for pre-nuptial parties in the world. With its dynamic nightlife and awe-inspiring scenery, Riga has something for every taste and is certain to give the bride and her best friends a weekend to remember.

We suggest a visit to the Riga Central Market during the day, followed up by a drink or two in the beach club vite of the Terrace Riga. Follow that up with a guided pub crawl and you've unearthed an unforgettable hen do.

Barcelona and Hamburg

For the groom-to-be and his jolly friends, the best spots for a stag right now are Barcelona and Hamburg. Several UK tour companies offer stag packages to both of these cities, so choose either one for a low maintenance and celebratory men-only weekend.

In some ways, Barcelona speaks for itself. It's an absolutely gorgeous city, one that offers visitors a provocative blend of the old and the new. It also offers dozens of attractive options for stag dos, including stunning beaches, boat rentals, and a nightclub scene you and your friends are unlikely to forget.

A stag in Hamburg, Germany is another great way to send the groom off in style. Although it's largely known for its beer culture, it only takes a little digging to discover that Hamburg has even more to offer than breweries and a sottish good time. But what's a stag do without sottishness? So yes, we suggest you warm up with a visit to a brewery at some point during your stag.

But seriously, when it comes to Hamburg stag dos, it's all about the legendary Reeperbahn. Reeperbahn translates as "rope walk," and this phrase says it all. You stag group will walk the fine line between a smashing good time and well, something that becomes a bit more troublesome later. This is one of the entertainment capitals of Hamburg, with a dazzling array of night clubs, restaurants, discotheques, and bars. It's also home to Hamburg's Red Light District, which is no doubt absolutely forbidden during any but the most sordid pre-nuptial sprees.


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