The ACE-FX Guide to Your Hungarian Holiday

The Mysteries of Hungary

ACE-FX is more than just the top firm in the industry for currency services and foreign money transfers. It's also a great source of information for European and international holiday destinations. This time out, we'll explore the nation of Hungary, a destination you might not have considered for your next family holiday. Locked behind the Iron Curtain for decades, the nation of Hungary has long been a shrouded enigma in the West. Fortunately for British travelers, this has been changing for many years. Hungary is not yet an open book perhaps, but many of the country's charms have now been revealed. Read on to bring these mysterious charms further into the light.

Must See Places in Hungary

Here is a list of enticing spots in Hungary. You'll find each of these places provocative, rewarding, and well worth the effort of exploring them.
  • Budapest-- A Hungarian holiday begins in the capital city. Cut neatly in half by the magnificent Danube, Budapest is without question one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While there, you should visit the biggies like the Palace of Arts, the State Opera House, and St Stephen's Basilica, but don't hesitate to explore deeper.
  • Debrecen-- The country's second largest city, Debrecen is a lesser known Hungarian jewel and well worth a lengthy visit. Debrecen is situated amongst the stark beauty of the Great Hungarian Plain and stands in manmade contrast to its natural wonder.
  • Lake Balaton-- A freshwater surprise in Western Hungary, Lake Balaton mixes the tranquility of a resort community with the wildness of volcanic hills and rocky beaches. And if you're in the mood for a more modern treat, many of the surrounding resort towns feature electronic music festivals and other cultural delights.
  • The Buda Castle-- A vestige of the glorious Hapsburg dynasty, the Buda Castle is a living piece of Hungarian history. In addition to its 200 plus rooms, the Buda Castle is home to the Hungarian National Art Gallery and the National Széchényi Library as well. Spend an afternoon here and you'll survey the most highly refined products of Hungarian culture.

Tips for Traveling in Hungary

Traveling in Eastern Europe can seem like an alien experience, but you really needn't be skittish about going on your Hungarian odyssey. Here are some tips you can follow to enhance your trip.
  • Taste a wide-ranging sample of Hungarian Cuisine-- Food is one of the driving forces of Hungarian culture and a source of great national pride. When in Hungary, do as the Hungarians do: indulge yourself in the paprika laden and earthy cuisine that's available throughout the country. Proceed with caution, however, as many traditional dishes are extremely rich and high in calories!
  • Brush up on your Hungarian-- English and German are commonly spoken in metropolitan areas, but much less so in more rural areas. Depending on where you end up, you'd do well to teach yourself a few key Hungarian phrases. Learning the expressions for things like "thank you," "how much," and "where is such and such" would probably suffice, but a Hungarian phrase book might come in handy as well.
  • Protect Your Identity-- Hungary is no dodgier than any other country, but it's always best to practice caution when traveling abroad. You should carry your passport with you at all times, but store the rest of your important documents in the hotel safe. Spending days wrestling with the British Consul is the last thing you want to do on holiday!
  • Avoid potential scams by proceeding with caution-- Just like in every foreign country, scammers in Hungary consider tourists to be easy marks. Never exchange money in the streets or allow yourself to be persuaded to purchase anything you don't need. Also: beware of taxi drivers and other vendors who seem to be overcharging you.

ACE-FX Prepaid Euro Travel Cards and Your Hungarian Journey

A Hungarian holiday needn't be a daunting prospect. In fact, by giving you and your family a rare peek into another world, it can be a uniquely transformative experience. You'll return from this mysterious land refreshed, enchanted, and equipped with a new perspective on your current way of life. And with an ACE-FX prepaid euro travel card, you can avoid unnecessary confusion and focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your trip. They offer convenience, safety, and great exchange rates. Arrange for one today and you'll discover why ACE-FX is one of the most reputable financial services firms in the world.

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