Easter Safari Cruises for Retired Pensioners

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You might not know ACE-FX as well as you think. People usually think of us as a reputable firm that specializes in foreign money transfers, but we're actually much more than that. In addition to offering top-notch financial services, ACE-FX is also an all purpose travel companion. And to prove it, we're happy to present the ACE-FX Guide to Easter safari cruises for pensioners. As a retired person, your Easter break should be everything you want it to be. And if you want high adventure mixed with down time this Easter, a safari cruise might be just the ticket.

What Exactly is a Safari Cruise?

While safari cruises are all very different from one another, they do have a few features in common. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of safari cruises-- river and ocean going. The two types of safari cruises are distinguished, among other things, by the scope of the journeys they take. River cruises are constrained to a relatively small area, while seagoing ones often visit multiple countries. Many safari cruises are a combination of both river and ocean-going trips. On these voyages, an ocean cruise will cover the large distances within or between countries, while a smaller river vessel will transport passengers further inland to the safari location. In both cases, safari cruises combine the comfort of luxury sailing with exotic land adventures. Safari cruises are available as stand-alone trips or as part of a larger travel package. Either way, safari cruises offer retired pensioners a scenic and provocative experience.

Standard Cruises vs Safari Cruises

While aboard the ship, passengers have the same luxury experience as they'd have on a standard cruise. This means lounging by the pool, live entertainment, and high-end dining, as well as plenty of engaging onboard activities. Safari cruise passengers sacrifice nothing in terms of comfort and ease. It's during the day trips that the real differences arise between safari cruises and standard ones. While a standard cruise makes ports of call for shopping and such, a safari cruise takes passengers to game reserves, animal sanctuaries, and national wildlife parks. With this in mind, it's easy to see why a safari cruise is an ideal choice for your Easter holiday.

Safari Cruise Details

In all of these locations, passengers will get up close and personal with beautiful arrays of local fauna and flora. This is where the real adventure begins to happen, at the point when tourists become natives and merge with the wild. Once passengers disembark from their cruise ship, they travel inland by jeep or boat and view the local game in their natural habitats. The length of safari cruises can vary, but typically they last from 10-15 days, which is plenty of time for multiple excursions and all the relaxation you need. The safaris are all guided by experienced professionals who will put you in the middle of the action safely. And when your safari excursion is finished, you'll return to the luxury cruise ship and all its wonderful amenities. You'll be feted, wined, dined, and pampered in every imaginable way, just like on a standard cruise.

Destination: The African Continent

Locales on the African continent are extremely popular destinations for safari cruises, especially among retired persons. This isn't surprising considering the diversity of terrain and wildlife that African countries offer. Not to mention that the African continent offers some of the best chances to see exotic wildlife up close, even for pensioners with mobility problems. In African destinations, you'll see zebras, leopards, antelope, and lions, as well as rhinos, hippos, and hundreds of wild bird species. You'll see the magnificent pachyderms stomp their way through Addo National Elephant Park and watch cheetahs and giraffes jostle for position in Botswana's Chobe National Park. There are safari cruises to locations in Central America, India, and East Asia, but we suggest a trip to the African continent, especially for those who haven't had the good fortune to visit it already. We can't imagine a better way for pensioners to spend their Easter break.

ACE-FX and Your Easter Safari Cruise

There's more to a safari cruise than antelope, sunbathing, and vantage points. Most of the excursions include leisure time in various modern ports of call, as well as on the Serengeti. This means you'll have ample time for shopping and exploring exotic brands of night-life. You'll also find entertainment, fine dining, and social activities. This is where ACE-FX again becomes your ideal travel partner.  We consistently dole out the best money travel tips, and our travel cash cards offer the best exchange rates in the UK.  With these things taken care of, you can focus on all the relaxing fun.

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