The Top 5 Destinations for Easter Family Breaks

Your Family's Easter Traditions Are Important to Us

The Easter holiday means something different for every family. For some, it's a day for quiet contemplation or spending time at home with loved ones. But for others, the Easter break is a time to get away for a while and explore the wider world. Either way, ACE-FX wishes you and yours the very best during the Easter season. But if you and your family are in this latter group, then ACE-FX has something to help you decide on your destination. Toward that end, we're happy to present detailed descriptions of the top 5 Easter holiday breaks we've discovered. We hope it will make your decision easier and allow you to focus on what really matters most: the Easter joy you'll experience with your family.

Financial Arrangements and Holiday Planning

As you know, it's unwise to carry money overseas, at least in large quantities. A little pocket money is just fine, but you'll want to arrange other means of payment and prepare for any financial emergencies while you're out of the country. Otherwise, you're simply leaving too much to chance. Fortunately, ACE-FX can help you simplify this with our comprehensive financial services. Although our reputation was built on executing safe and reliable international money transfers, we also offer travel cash cards and can arrange for international payments. Now, without any further ado, here is the ACE-FX list of the Top 5 Easter Break Destinations.

Easter Breaks in Telluride, Colorado

For a true change of pace this Easter, take your family to the all season resort town of Telluride, Colorado. Located on the San Miguel River in southwest Colorado, Telluride was a silver mining town in the 19th century and is now recognized as one of the top holiday destinations in the American West. Telluride is truly a remarkable and unique community. It offers visitors an enticing blend of attitudes and atmospheres. Its attractions include skiing, a variety of cultural festivals, great restaurants, and activities for kids that are both hip and educational. In some ways, Telluride is a calm and laid back city, one where visitors feel welcome immediately. But it's also home to a constant flood of brisk activity. Throw in the gorgeous Colorado scenery and you'll see why Telluride is the perfect destination.

Waikiki in the Hawaiian Islands

A beachfront community in Honolulu, Waikiki has long been one of the most popular spots in all of Hawaii. In the Hawaiian language, Waikiki means "spouting fresh water," from the hot springs that once helped separate Waikiki from the rest of the island. It's the perfect name for a neighborhood that boasts some of the finest beaches in the world and has such powers of rejuvenation. Situated on the calm shores of the Pacific, Waikiki is a welcoming and exotic paradise. And with Honolulu so close, you can speed up to a metropolitan pace with ease. Overall, Waikiki has a tranquil, dreamlike quality about it. It's a feeling that will wash over you and remain in your mind when you leave.

Easter Holidays on Crete

Another great idea is to spend your Easter holiday on the island of Crete. The southernmost Greek island, Crete is situated on the Aegean Sea less than 200 miles from the north African coast. Despite this close proximity to other countries, landing on Crete is like crossing a threshold into a new and more vibrant world. The varied beauties of Crete will be on full display during your trip, including its proud and spirited people. In fact, the life-affirming charm of Crete's people might be the only constant on the entire island. This is because Crete is marked by its quickly shifting terrain, which can go from a fine pink sand to canyons or mountains in what seems like an instant.

The Indy 500 Race in Indianapolis, Indiana

For an authentic taste of Midwestern American Culture, come to Indianapolis, Indiana in late May. That's when the Indy 500 auto race comes to town and a quiet city is transformed. The Indy 500 is 200 oval laps of speed, power, and endurance. This year marks the 107th running of what has been called the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing." Nearly 400,000 people attend The Indy 500 each year, eager to soak in the sights, sounds, and power of one of the most incredible sporting events in the world. It's something you have to see to believe and a tremendous amount of fun.

Malaga in Costa del Sol, Spain

The birthplace of such figures as Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, Malaga is an Andalusian city on the southern coast of Spain. And just as you'd expect from such a location, this resort filled city is a sun-drenched escape from winter and everyday duty. Take a chance on Malaga and you'll discover sparkling beaches with yellow sand, Moorish architecture, and the otherworldly sensation of a paradise. With an incredible array of high-rise hotels, unique museums, and southern cuisine, Malaga has something for every taste.

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