International Holiday Destination: Dubai

International Holidays with ACE-FX

In the coming months, ACE-FX will be exploring holiday destinations on the European continent and all over the world. These articles will serve two purposes. The first is to offer descriptions of these destinations -- things to do, attractions, travel tips, etc. The second is to show that ACE-FX services are invaluable to persons traveling to these and other destinations. And what could be better than combining the cutting edge professionalism of ACE-FX services with the perfect international holiday? Backed by the resources and reputation of Moneycorps, ACE-FX offers the best financial services in the industry. We give our customers everything they need for a memorable cosmopolitan holiday -- from international money transfers to currency services and prepaid travel cards. This week, we'll be exploring Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Next time, we'll discuss the ins and outs of a holiday in Amsterdam. We sincerely hope these descriptions will be useful to you and your family, and that you'll allow us to give you the best travel financial services in the industry.

The Diverse Glories of Dubai

Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai offers an exquisite blend of Mideastern and Western cultures. It's a global business hub, a tourist capital, and a gateway to the east. Travelers leave Dubai awed and transformed, with a new perspective on beauty, commerce, and culture. Understandably, Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, with some 15 million tourists arriving each year. Dubai is an experience more than a destination. It's provocative, intoxicating, and puts travelers into a truly different state of mind. It's a truly global city, one in which tourists can discover exactly the experience they want. In fact, it can be difficult to characterize the Dubai experience with any precision. You'll simply have to see Dubai for yourself, up close and in person, to understand its variety of delights.

Why Dubai Has Become One of Most Popular Destinations in the World

There are many reasons for Dubai's global popularity. First, it's absolutely gorgeous, like nothing you've ever seen. Dubai's cityscape is truly majestic and not to be missed. Combining innovative Western style architecture with an ultramodern take on traditional Islamic styles, it offers tourists an inexhaustible wealth of metropolitan charms. Dubai offers a splendid array of natural beauties as well. It has so many different terrains that you'll think you're visiting several cities at once. Despite the high temperatures in August, the desert climate is exotic and pleasing, with only occasional rain and a low near 14 degrees Celsius during the winter months. Dubai's desert terrain is atypical. It's composed largely of shells and coral, not the gravel encountered in the southern parts of the Arabian Desert. Dubai features the rugged beauty of the Hajar Mountains along its western border, with peaks that soar to heights of over 4,000 feet. To the north of Dubai, you'll encounter the placid beauty of the deep blue Persian Gulf.

Attractions in Dubai

There is incredible manmade beauty in Dubai as well. In addition to its intriguing architecture, Dubai offers a variety of tourist spots. One fascinating attraction is Ski Dubai, the largest indoor ski park in the world. Dubai also boasts the tallest structure in the world, the almost 3,000 feet high Burj Khalifa. Dozens of high-end retail malls cement Dubai's status as a shopper's paradise. In terms of area, the Dubai Mall is the largest of its type in the world. Dubai is a heaven of retail commerce, a place where travelers purchase exotic goods that they won't find anywhere else in the world. In addition to its incredible beauty and unique attractions, Dubai is also home to perhaps the most vibrant nightlife in the world. Hundreds of exciting clubs dot the city, each offering dancing, drinks, and some of the most diverse entertainment you'll encounter in any of your travels.

ACE-FX Helps You Before, During, and After Dubai

ACE-FX can help you get to Dubai and a host of other international destinations. We offer the safest international money transfers in the industry, along with the best currency exchange rates. Our prepaid travel cards can be used to purchase exotic goods in The Dubai Mall and all over the region. With our services, you and your family can enjoy the majesty of one the most glorious cities in the world. Dubai is an international showcase and a dizzying Wonderland rolled into one. It's easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world, rivaling Paris, Prague, and Kyoto in their sophistication, refinements, and dazzling aesthetic charms. And with ACE-FX services quietly supporting you in the background, you'll be certain not to miss a thing.

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