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Unusual ways to spend Valentine's Day in London

It’s that time of year again. Dreaded by some, cherished by others.

Wherever you fall on the Valentine’s scale, it’s hard to entirely ignore the day devoted to love and romance. And if you do want to celebrate it somehow - be it with a partner or a friend - we’ve put together a list of some of the more unusual (read: interesting) ways you can go about marking it.

Forget the over-priced candle-lit dinner or the cinema date that looks the same as every other cinema date that ever was. Using the ideas here, spice things up a little bit, and enjoy a slightly more exciting Valentine's Day in London this year.

Valentine’s Day Dog Walk

Why not spend Valentine’s Day with the real love of your life – your pooch? On Hampstead Heath next week, take your pup out for some fresh air and a stroll with all the other dog-lovers out there. What’s more, there’s a prize for the most loved-up owners and dogs. You’d better start getting the treats out.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cooking Class

Swap the cliche chocolate boxes for a lesson in how to cook some delicious chocolate treats all by yourself. We’re sure your date will be impressed with this one. At the Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle, chocolate-connoisseur Margaux Brookes will be teaching attendees how to make mini-chocolate truffles, chocolate shells filled with mouth-watering ganache and nut-coated chocolate slabs. We’re already drooling.

Valentine’s Day Painting and Prosecco

What could be more romantic than becoming Picasso for the day? This year, the chance has finally arrived. Spend Valentine’s Day drinking bubbly and painting a masterpiece at the Urban Meadow Cafe. Take a date, go solo or bring a bunch of friends. It’s sure to be fun whatever you do. No experience needed. Enthusiasm a requirement.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Comedy Show

If there’s nothing that boils your blood like a bit of Valentine’s Day sentiment, you could be the perfect attendee for the Anti-Valentine’s Day Comedy Show at the Aces and Eights Saloon Bar. Expect endless jokes at the expense of all things love.

Valentine’s Day Sex Standing Up Comedy Show

Perhaps you swing the other way and your idea of the perfect way to spend this day of compulsory-love is having a giggle. There's sure to be a few here, as numerous names in comedy bare all in the name of love. London’s sex-themed comedy night, the Let’s Make Lurve edition, is guaranteed to be a laugh. What’s more, all proceeds go to the sexual health charity FPA.

Valentine’s Day Axe Throwing

You heard. Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a bit of romantic axe throwing. What better way to break the ice, or decide whether you love someone? Over at Whistle Punk there are packages to cater for every need. Choose their “Speed Dater” package to spend an hour and a half throwing tools solo, with drinks, chocolate and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet your axe-throwing soulmate. If you’ve already got a partner, worry not, there’s also the “Double Bulls Eye” package: an axe-throwing date night for two.

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