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Sending Money Abroad?  Don't Pay Transfer Fees

If you're planning on sending money abroad, make sure you're not paying more than you need to for the service.  Comparison shopping is essential, but so is ensuring you're using a reputable company that provides good service. Finding the best product for you means striking a balance between low costs, secure transactions, safe practices and helpful, courteous customer service.  Not sure how to find all those things in a money transfer company?  Start by eliminating those who charge transfer fees. Don't pay transfer fees, but don't compromise on service or security, either.  Here's how...

Hidden fees lurk everywhere in money transfer companies.

Hidden fees are the life blood of many financial organizations, so be careful when you choose a company to do your international money transfers for you.  Do your comparison shopping carefully and make sure you're not comparing apples to oranges when it comes to the fees you'll pay for the service. With Ace-FX you pay no transfer fees on international money orders.  Finding the cheapest international money transfer is easy when the transfer fee is zero! Not only that, but the fee you do pay will still be less than what you'd pay at your bank.  Ace-FX international money transfers typically cost 1% to 4% less than what your bank charges.

Top notch customer service...still no fees on transfers!

Can you expect great customer service when what you're really after is cheapest international money transfer possible?  With us you can!  We deliver on both counts. Not only do we have no transfer fees, but our customer service has a top rating on Trustpilot.  Out of more than 6,000 reviews, our score is 5 out of 5 stars, which comes with a designation of "Excellent". What are our customers saying?  From our favorable rates to our quick response in customer service matters, we consistently score the highest possible ratings year after year.

We have anti-money laundering controls in place.

Our partner is MoneyCorp.  They're one of the largest foreign exchange providers in the UK.  They're also one of the best.  After dealing in foreign exchange for more than three decades they do know a thing or two about money transfers. They've got the highest credit rating in the industry, and with £11 billion traded last year they've got the market corned on fast, efficient service. Also important: they've got the best anti-money laundering controls in place.  What does that mean for you?  It means MoneyCorp won't be part of any criminal activity involving money laundering. When illegal operations such as drug trafficking, organized crime and human trafficking shut down banks because of investigations of money laundering, all the bank's clients get hurt. That won't happen with Ace-FX, because we've partnered with MoneyCorp and your money is in safe hands.

Full service for all types of international money transfers.

You can make regular payments abroad or just use our service once for a one-off payment.  Either way, you get the same full service, including top-rated customer service, the safety of solid anti-money laundering controls in place, and of transfer fees.   Not only are we here to guide you through the process by phone but we provide expert guidance as well.  Our customer service team is experienced as well as friendly and professional.  You can call our toll-free number to find out for yourself.  Calls from abroad are welcomed as well.  We rise early and stay up late to answer your calls:

  • Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

Our team can help you set up recurring payments, target a rate, schedule payments, and automate your payments.  When you're a frequent flier with us, we'll help you save even more money, for the cheapest international money transfer possible.

All this, and speedy service too.

You can make your transfers any time and any way that suits you.  Since the transfers are initiated online, you can make them 24/7.  The payments are fast and secure, with same day international payments available. Our clients love the speedy service because it allows them to make important international payments as fast as possible.  Many use our services to make payments on important items like insurance payments, rent, and overseas mortgages. You can't leave those types of payments to chance!

A final word.

Save money on sending money abroad without having to sacrifice safety, security, and good service.  ACE-FX won't charge you any transfer fees ever, and service is our top priority.  We'd love to help you save money!

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