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BHF London to Brighton Night Ride

For more than five decades, the British Heart Foundation has raised funds for the ongoing fight against heart disease and is now considered the United Kingdom's leading heart charity organisation. Cardiovascular disease remains the country's leading killer. However, continued research transforms the lives of circulatory and heart patients every day. In an effort to ensure that the discovery of new medications and treatments continue, The BHF sponsors a number of fund raising events like cycling in London. The BHF London to Brighton Night Ride is one of three cycling activities that invite participants to help raise funds while enjoying the gift of health.

London-to-Brighton Night Ride

Thousands take part in the cycling in London ride that spans a total of 60 miles. Participants enjoy a traffic-free ride along a clearly designated route that includes law enforcement support. At three different locations, the event offers cyclists the opportunity to stop and take a break while re-energising with snacks and beverages. First aid and mechanical support are also available as needed. 

Prior to the night ride, everyone registering for the activity receives emergency numbers and links to route maps. On the night of the event, participants receive an OS route map that includes details, rest stop locations and expected times. The ride begins at Potter's Field Park on July 12, Saturday night and finishes the following morning at 9:00 a.m. on Madeira Drive by Brighton Beach. Through the efforts of all, BHF hopes to raise approximately £500,000.

Teamwork Makes it Happen

Volunteers participating in the ride often form teams. Family, friends and colleagues often combine efforts to support each other during the event while raising funds for the BHF. Anyone 18 years and older may register individually online. If planning on riding as part of the team, the team name and team leader's name are required on the registration. Spectators are also welcome to cheer for riders along the way. 

Sponsors are also offering bus and truck transportation services for the cycling in London event. If needing transportation services, participants indicate the request when registering. The cost for this service is extra. Participants also have the chance to purchase T-shirts and hoodies commemorating the ride.

Through cycling in London and many other events, the BHF has the ability to fund thousands of projects across the country. The British Heart Foundation also regularly becomes involved in the policy making process in communities, local and federal governments. The organisation additionally helps educate the public concerning heart disease by providing the most current information via the organisation website and written publications.

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