Bureau de Change


What is a Bureau de Change?

A bureau de change is a currency exchange, customers exchange one currency for another currency. The term "bureau de change" is originally French but is now used all around Europe and travellers can easily recognise currency exchanges in all European countries.

The term "bureau de change" is rarely used in the United States. In the US and Canada their most common terms used are "currency exchange" and sometimes "money exchange". Globally a "bureau de change" or "currency exchange" is easily identified by signs saying "exchange" or "change". At ACE-FX we tend to use all these terms, our favourite is the traditional term "bureau de change".


Why do we need a Bureau de Change?

Britain is the only country with Pound Sterling as the national currency, which means travelling abroad on vacation or business, everyone and anyone will at some point need to visit a bureau de change. As a bureau de change is the only place to exchange foreign currency, it will be pretty hard to get your spending money for any trip out of the UK. Before travelling abroad choosing the right bureau de change for your foreign currency is important, there are many currency exchanges across the Globe and many of them not only provide terrible exchange rates, they also charge commission.

At ACE-FX we promise to give only the best exchange rates possible and we also never charge commission. Our aim is to provide the best exchange rates at the current time across the country to ensure we are always saving our customers money.


How do I buy foreign currency?

Foreign currency was traditionally and still is purchased over the counter at a bureau de change. Due to today's technolodgy you can now order foreign currency online and even have the currency delivered to your door.

At ACE-FX we try to offer our customers the easiest way to purchase their foreign currency, for last minute orders we can provide a next day delivery service when ordering online. Order your currency from us before 3pm and we will get your currency securely delivered in cash to you the very next day.

We now offer an exclusively secure and simple way to take your currency abroad. You can now order your very own prepaid currency card to use on all of your travels around the world, anywhere you see the MasterCard acceptance mark. The prepaid cards are manufactured and managed by firstPremier Travel MasterCard, they are the new way to take your currency abroad. Once you signup and receive your first prepaid card, it can be topped up instantly at anytime by visiting our website, logging into your account and crediting funds to your very own personal firstPremier MasterCard.


For more information visit our prepaid top-up cards