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Ah Wales! The land of gothic medieval castles, wild national parks and those distinct Welsh accents. Whether you’re looking for the perfect short-break destination, or a more extended adventure, Wales is sure to charm and beguile even the aloofest of travellers.Our Welsh Highlights1.) Explore a Welsh CastleCastles are so numerous across Wales that you could devote an entire hol...

Holiday Inspiration

The next stop on our whirlwind tour of the Great British delights: Ireland. The land of breathtaking landscapes, the birthplace of Oscar Wilde and the home of Guinness beer.As the Irish say,  céad míle fáilte - a hundred thousand welcomes.FUN FACT: The Irish consume on average 131.1 litres of beer per year - the second largest per capita...

Holiday Inspiration

The places on our home porches are often the ones that we neglect the most. A tourists view of a place in the world can thus often be refreshing, particularly when it’s of a place we think we know well. How many of us have travelled extensively through Europe? And wider - to Asia, Latin America, even the furthest possible distances, to the Pacific Islands or New Zealand? Yet, w...

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